Crime Story

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A storm raged outside. Even though it was a middle of the day, the city was covered with a blanket of darkness. The old man tried not to bother with neither the wind, gusting through the streets and the nearby park, nor with the raindrops, smashing on the sill, nor even the sounds of the neighbors arguing behind the wall. Him – a quick-tempered and expressive banker and her – a teacher, always giving her opinion with a shrill and loud voice, had a long history of similar rows. ‘This time something is different, though’, thought the old man, lying the playing cards on the table with trembling hands. Suddenly, he hear d a scream!

If you like thrillers, enjoy telling blood-chilling stories and solving criminal puzzles, Crime Story is a perfect game for you. When playing Crime Story you will have a lot of fun creating a world of criminals, deceiving your opponents and hunting the villains. You will have a chance to prove your memory, observation, creativity and cunningness.

Game contains:

125 cards, including:
20 character cards
39 item cards
20 location cards
20 action cards
24 double-sided „certificate of insanity” cards
1 murderer card
1 „evidence of crime ” card
4 large-scale reference cards

Przemysław "Nutii" Bobrowski